Palaia, Val d'Era, Toscana

The vines of Sangervasio know today’s sea from Thyrrenian breezes as well as they know the ancient oceans through their roots in the fossil-laden soils. The Tommaisini family have owned their estate since 1960, and they started their label in 1994. Focused on local Tuscan grape varieties, their 22 hectares (54 acres) of vineyards are certified organic, and the family is devoted to natural fermentation without the use of added yeast. Their wines are created with technology that respects the pristine nature of their land, in all its biodiversity. Fermentation takes place in concrete tanks. Their yields are low, thanks to a high density of plants per hectare (between 6,000 and 10,000). The gorgeous cellars of the winery are all located in historical buildings of San Gervasio village, in the Palaia municipality. The family also runs a traditional ristorante that is a favorite fixture of its neighborhood, Al Pachino, and Ristoro, a small market featuring Tuscan products made nearby.

Wines available:
"Recinaio" Vin Santo