Le Sincette

Polpenazze del Garda, Lombardia

The story of Le Sincette is right in its colorful label, a map drawn by Jean Blanchaert. The images show, in purple for grapes and green for olive groves, the mixed farming estate, with drawings of the plants and animals that grow there along with the vines. Le Sincette’s logo is a coiled motif of the phases of the moon. This identifies the estate with its commitment to environmental ethics, having converted to biodynamics all the way back in 1997, under the guidance of biodynamics pioneer Jacques Mell. Organic and Demeter certifications followed in 2008 and 2012. The logo’s placement next to a drawing of Lake Garda shows the estate’s location in Brescia, in the morainic glacial soil found on the lake’s southwestern side.

Specifically, this is the region of Valtenesi, the grand cru for the Gropello grape, or more accurately, the Groppello group of grapes. Valtenesi was granted DOC status in 2011 for wines made of Groppello Gentile. Le Sincette also cultivates the local grape Marzemino, along with Barbera, Sangiovese, Rebo and Merlot. This locality is also known for its rosato, called Chiaretto, “vino di una notte,” with a production method historically codified as early as 1800. Speaking of history, when the Brunori family bought this farm back in 1978, they restored the old farm buildings so faithfully that the winery was built entirely underground to keep the venerable structures true to themselves. Working with native yeast fermentations and delicious, juicy wines made from native grapes, aged in used wood and concrete, the crowd-pleasing yet fascinating sincerity of the wines reflects the authenticity and the interest of this vibrant estate.

Wines available:
Chiaretto Valtenesi
Groppello Garda Classico
Ronco del Garda