De Vescovi Ulzbach

Mezzocorona, Trentino

The de Vescovi family, has been cultivating grapes and farming apple orchards in the Piana Rotaliana area of Trentino since the early 18th century.
The Piana Rotaliana is the largest plain in Trentino, a triangle with a base along the Adige river and apex at the Rocchetta pass, bounded by Monte Fausior to the south and by Monte Monticello to the north. The land that makes up the Piana Rotaliana was formed thanks to the repeated alluvial contributions of the Noce stream which, until the rectification of 1852, flowed into the Adige river at the town of San Michele all’Adige. The crown of mountains around the Piana Rotaliana plays the dual role of protecting it from the cold winds that blow from the north and absorbing solar radiation during the day, returning the heat at night, creating an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the Teroldego vine.
 In 2003 Giulio De Vescovi relaunched the family business by dedicating himself to Teroldego Rotaliano. He graduated with a degree in Viticulture and Enology at the famous Institute San Michele all’Adige, followed by studies at the University in Florence. Cantina de Vescovi Ulzbach became a reality: the first two new products were placed on the market in 2006, both dedicated to Teroldego Rotaliano.
About 7 hectares (17 acres) are entirely planted with the native Teroldego grape and concentrated in two prized sites, Rauti-Camorzi and Fron. About 5 hectares (12 acres) are planted with 50-year-old Pergola Trentina, the rest of the vines were planted in 1995 and trained Guyot. Mountainside, low-fertility vineyards such as Rauti and Fron (where soil composition is Dolomite limestone covered by a layer of loose alluvial gravels) are ideal to tame the innate vigour of the Teroldego grapevine and to naturally limit high grape yields. Selective hand-picking and low-yields are necessary to soften the naturally high acidity.
Teroldego is an ancient grape variety of at least 500 years, it is considered the “prince of Trentino” and has close kinship ties with Syrah and Lagrein.

Wines available: