The Boniperti family goes back several generations in Alto Piemonte and they have seen the "long fable" (favolalunga) that the wine production in this region has experienced. After the two world wars in the first half of the 20th century, as well as the industrial revolution that took place in Italy during the 1950’s, many young people left their family farms in Alto Piemonte for “more lucrative" work in Milan. By the late 1960s the vast majority of vineyards in the region were abandoned. The current caretaker of the Bioniperti farm Gilberto Boniperti, got his inspiration to come "back to the land” and work the vines from his grandfather Barton. Many of Gilberto’s generation are doing the same and embracing their heritage. This has created a wonderful resurgence and energy in the Alto Piemonte wine region. During Gilberto's studies of agriculture and oenology at the renowned university of Milan in 2003, he began reclaiming and replanting his grandfathers vineyards with Nebbiolo (also know as Spanna the region). Today the property includes 4 hectares of vines in the area around Barengo, planted not only with nebbiolo but also the typical Alto Piemonte varietal vespolina as well as a little barbera. The general area is know as Colline Novaresi (the hills of Novara). The area was granted DOC status in 1994 and its vineyards overlap those of the DOCs Fara and Boca, as well as the Ghemme DOCG. All benefit from a subalpine climate, a southern exposure and fast-draining glacial soil that is notably more acidic than the soils of Langhe, which results in less tannic wines. Total production: 20,000 bottles.

Latest wine scores in International Magazines:
2022 "Favolalunga" Colline Novaresi Vespolina: 93 Vinous
2021 "Carlin"  Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo: 91 Vinous

Wines available:
“Rosadisera” Rosato
“Favolalunga” Colline Novaresi Vespolina DOC
“Carlin” Nebbiolo Colline Novaresi DOC
"Barton" Fara DOC