Clos de la Bonnette

Condrieu, Northern Rhône

At Clos de la Bonnette, gnarled vines are staked with traditional chestnut poles to tether them against the strong currents of the wind. Buffeted by a scorching summer, the vines drive roots deep into the granite. It took centuries of thirsty work to build these dry stone terraces, using stones dug out of the hillside with a mattock. The Guiller-Montabonnet family finds their place in this labor of devotion, as they worked to rescue overgrown vineyards from oblivion. Their philosophy of terroir includes the arts of the Rhône, and their farm life always is blessed by the voices of Rhône poets, musicians, and artists, from the present as well as the past.

Current wines:
Viognier "L'Archette" IGP Collines Rhodannienes
Condrieu "Roc d'Ucarisse"
Syrah "Cisselande" IGP Collines Rhodannienes
Côte Rôtie "Damas Pourpre"