Müller Grossmann

Furth-Palt, Kremstal 

Muller Grossmann pictureThe Müller Grossmann winery is located in the town of Furth-Palt, south of the town of Krems and the river Danube.  Here the family cultivates 10 hectares (24.7 acres) of vineyards around Göttweiger Berg. The winery is certified sustainable and in 2021 they began the transition to organic farming. Helma Müller-Grossmann started the winery in 1986 and was joined by her daughter Marlies in 2009. Marlies Hanke now runs the winery, in a continuation of Helma’s tradition.

The southern Kremstal is a very diverse wine-growing region. This is thanks to the great varietys of soils and the natural interplay of warm and cool nights.  Rather cool and damp influences from the nearby Waldviertel meet the warm and dry influences from the Pannonian lowlands, juicy white wines famous for their finesse grow on the gravel and loess soils, especially Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.  The wines have been made in the traditional underground wine cellar on Fuchastrasse for more than 90 years. Natural cooling from the underground structure and natural yeasts are two arguments that led to the renovation of this traditional cellar.  The wine cellar was expanded by adding a warehouse that now offers more flexibility in the production and aging. The shape of the building and the wooden facade blends in seamlessly with the townscape and represents the combination of tradition and modernity. For Marlies quality begins in the vineyard. Great wine can only come from perfectly ripened grapes. In the cellar her motto  is “less is more“ as most of the work has already been done in the vineyards.

Wines available:
Grüner Veltliner Satz Viertel
Riesling Furth