Borgomanero, Piemonte, Italy

The story

Glep beverages are Ezio Primatesta and Luca Garofolo from beautiful Lake Orta. Glep bottles shots with box
A local restaurateur and a local creative, they first joined forces in 2018. Ezio is a sommelier whose family has been in the hospitality business in Lake Orta for three generations, and Luca is a designer and creative director. Friends for years, these Piemontese pals actually began to meet much earlier than 2018 to taste and dream. And to learn: of course, the art of intoxicating herbal beverages in Italy goes back centuries. They create their products in partnership with Bordiga, a Cuneo distillery famous for its ancient wood-burning alembic.

The products

The spirits are created from botanical herbs and roots in enticing (and sometimes secret) combinations. The list reads like an alchemical dream: rhubarb, carnation, cinnamon, quina, artemisa; cassia, rhubarb, sweet and bitter orange; gentian, yarrow, juniper, peppermint and chamomile.

In addition to making striking botanical spirits from the distinctive herbs of the Occitan Alps, Ezio and Luca like rock and roll and they like animals. Daring animals, that is: lake panthers, feathered wolves, electric tigers and flying hares. They are “pushing it” not just with their wild animal labels but with flavors and aromas that are sizzlingly alive.

Spirits available:
"Grinta" Amaro di Erbe (750 ml)
"Spinto" Bitter Rosso (750 ml)
"Vandalo" Vermouth Rosso (750 ml)

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Cocktail recipes:

THE ROOF TOP                 GLEP therooftop
4,5 cl vermouth vandalo
4,5 cl rhubarb liqueur
Top up with chinotto
Orange Zest
Low Build Tumbler

                                                              NEGRONI SPINTOGLEP negronispinto
                                                          3 cl gin Fulmine
                                                          3 cl vermouth vandalo
                                                          3 cl bitter spinto
                                                          Zest grapefruit
                                                          Low Build Tumbler


MEXICO & GRINTAGLEP messicoegrinta
Amaro Grinta
White Tequila
Tonic water
Put the ingredients in the shaker, add ice and shake for about 30 seconds.
Double strain in copa margarita with salt rim

                                                              AMERICAN BEER          GLEP americanbeer
                                                           4 cl vermouth vandalo
                                                           4 cl bitter spinto ,
                                                           Top up with citrus beer whipped with milk frother
                                                           Build low tumbler

International Awards:
Glep Bitter Spinto: The London Spirits Competition 2022 - Silver