Sicilia, Italy
 Reset Bottle

Winemaker Nicola Centonze has created, in Marsala, something completely new: Reset, amaro with absolutely zero sugar, and Whitehouse, a whole new category called bitter wine. 

Reset “Amaro Amaro,” a self-described “bitter bitter,” is for those who’d love to cleanse their palates with a natural product completely free of sugar, colorings, or any synthetic additives. Reset is infused with selected Mediterranean botanicals. Its scent is reminiscent of the island scrub and the sea. Fennel, rosemary, orange peel and laurel leaf come together in aromas that remind you of the Sicilian countryside. A clean, vertical flavor resets the palate perfectly. 

Whitehouse, being the translation of the traditional Sicilian “casa bianca," describes the headquarters where this new product is born. The inspiration of light reflects off the white walls, immersed in the sea landscape, warmed by the sun and surrounded by aromatic orange trees. The name also has a second meaning, a reference to the merchant John Whitehouse, who, in 1773 finding himself on Marsala and thought to keep his wine longer by adding some alcohol. This intuition led to the creation of Marsala. Nicola Centonze’s intuition has led him to infuse his island wine with the local bitter herbs. The innovation of a Marsala wine with the addition of a bitter component can be enjoyed as both an aperitivo or after dinner. 


Spirits available:
RESET Amaro Amaro (750 ml)
WHITEHOUSE Bitter Wine (750 ml)

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