San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Desolas 03

Desolas is an artisanal mezcal made from 100% Salmiana agave from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Salmiana agave, or green maguey, is also known as the “green giant” due to its enormous size. This low-yielding variety, which also takes 25 years to mature, requires careful handling and well-drained, sandy soil. Its grassy, herbal and botanical character are a product of the arid air and chalky soil of San Luis Potosi. Since in this region the pinas are not cooked underground, but in above ground “hornos,” for a mezcal with a lower smoke aroma, this fresh character shines through with particular grace. 


Mezcal is understood to be the sacred gift of the sun, the “sol.” This relationship of the sun and the earth and a spirit that still must be produced in a slow and initial way, artisanally, un-industrialized. The mezcalero for Desolas is descended from a long line of producers that have been crafting mezcal for over a century. The painstaking process results in a joven blanco mezcal with a fresh botanical aroma and just a gentle kiss of smoke. Neat or in a cocktail, or served on ice with an orange or grapefruit slice. Terroir has always been the focus of our portfolio, and there could not be a better example of terroir in a spirit than this mezcal

Spirits available:
Mezcal Blanco (750 ml)

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The Lemon Honey

1.5 oz Desolas,
1 oz Fresh lemon juice,
1 oz Honey,
Pour over ice and add a splash of lemon perrier
Served in: rocks glass, Garnish: lemon wheel or dehydrated lemon

The GG 

1.5 oz Desolas, .
5 oz Fresh Lime Juice,
Red Jalapeno & cilantro for muddling, ice, splash of Agave top with Ginger Beer 

Served in: Old Fashioned Glass, Garnish: Dehydrated Orange

Cucumber Margarita:

1.5 oz Desolas, .
5 oz lemon juice,
0.75 oz agave,
0.75 oz of cucumber juice,
mint for muddling, top with soda water OR CUCUMBER fever tree
Served in: Rocks glass, Garnish: 2-3 thin cucumber slices & 2-3 thin lemon slices 

Green Margarita 

1.5 oz Desolas,
0.5 oz Fresh lemon juice,
0.5 oz fresh lime juice,
0.75 oz agave,
Pour over ice and add a little bit of Green Juice (celery/cucumber/citrus mix) and splash of soda water
Served in: Rocks glass, Garnish: Lemon wheel or Lemon Peel 

Hibiscus Margarita: 

1.5 oz Desolas,
0.5 oz fresh lime juice,
0.5 oz agave,
1 oz hibiscus juice, ice
Served in: rocks glass, Garnish: edible flowers