Cascina Ebreo

Novello, Piemonte

Winery established in 1991 by Peter Weimer from Germany and his wife Romy Gygax from Switzerland, who left lucrative careers in software and marketing in their native countries to buy and revive this historic farm in Novello, a Barolo township. In 1996 Cascina Ebreo bottled their first wines. Farming on the vineyard is entirely organic, with application of some biodynamic practices as seen fit. Aside of two pumps that are used to move the wines from place to place, no technology is utilized in the winery. All of their wines are fermented with their native yeasts and bottled without fining or filitration. The only thing ever added throughout Vinification, elevation and bottling is a small quantity of sulfur dioxide. Peter calls his wine Piedmont “un-plugged” wine vs natural wines, because Peter feels that there are no rules at all in natural wine and he finds that problematic.
Peter became known for reclassifying their bottlings of Nebbiolo to ‘vino da tavola’ status after being disappointed by the Barolo tasting committee’s assessment of the wines (filtration or lack thereof was evidently the issue). They called the wines cloudy, torpido, which is now one of his signature wines, Torpido. REVA winery bought Cascina Ebreo and will continue producing wines in the same spirit of Peter & Romy.

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Wines available:
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Segreto IGT