Quart, Valle d'Aosta

With plantings from 700 to 1000 meters, Rosset exemplifies the geographic and climatic challenges of Valle d’Aosta, where low yields make quality the essential focus. Cesare and Natalina planted their first vineyards in 2001, to accompany the raspberries, saffron and genepy that they farm and distill. Cornalin, Chardonnay, and Syrah are grown in the [skeletric!], rocky/sandy soil near the family’s raspberry crops in St Cristophe. Later plantings were added in Chambave, known for its Moscato Bianco, and in Villeneuve, where their Petite Arvine and Pinot Grigio grow—in sandy, silty soils shot with slate above the quartz and granite bedrock, at elevations of up to 1000 meters. The genepy herb—the artemisia—grows even higher than that, at elevation 1670m, with the fortitude that embodies this alpine territory, and those who endure to farm it.

Rosset is recognized for protecting the region’s native vines and for demonstrating the promise of the Valle d’Aosta’s wines. Indigenous varieties like Cornalin, Petite Arvine and Petit Rouge are preserved through the family’s conservation, while their Syrah and Chardonnay achieve a completely unique expression in the alpine terroir. Nicola Rosset now leads the winery in crafting wines that repeatedly earn such awards as Gambero Rosso’s Tre Bicchieri.

The farm is powered solely by renewable energy. The winery, in Quart, features photovoltaic panels on the front of the building, with electric car charging ports provided for visitors. Organic farming practices are used. Two different types of clay vessels are utilized for aging, alongside steel tanks and wood vessels of varying size: the Tava amphora, artisanally crafted by one family for three generations, and the Orcio Toscano, a type of vessel used to hold wine and oil since the Etruscan age. 

Annual production: 50,000 bottles.

Latest wine scores in International Magazines:
2020 Petite Arvine: 90 WE

2020 Sopraquota - Tre Biccieri, 91 WE + Hidden Gem
2020 Trasor: 93 WE + Hidden Gem
2020 Cornalin: 90 WE + Hidden Gem

Wines available:
Petite Arvine
Sopraquota 900