Asso di Denari
Castellinaldo, Roero

After 19 harvests in some of the most famous estates in the Barolo area as both a winemaker and storyteller, Daniele Gaia has stepped out for his solo deput with Asso di Denari.

Attempting to best express the unique characteristics of the territory of Roero, Daniele blends the inspiration of his hometown, a lifelong passion for winemaking and the deep desire to create something beautiful, resulting in a gorgeous wine reflective of his unique perspective.

With exceptional, southeast-facing sandy soil, the Barbera grape–Daniele's favorite and what he chose to feature in his Barbera d'Alba Superiore–shines. He harvests the fruit off of 50-year-old vines grown on a quaint 0.5 hectares (1.24 acres) in Guarene d'Alba, located in the southern part of Roero.

Enjoy one of the only 3,000 bottles made from Daniele’s first harvest in 2020.

Wines available:
Barbera d'Alba Superiore "Asso di Denari"