Cortina, Alto Adige

A true family business started in 1969 by Alfons Giovanett. The winery is now run by his son Günther who took over the management of the winery in 1989 and at the same time, relocated the operations to the small village of Kurtinig/Cortina in the very south of Alto Adige. Today the Castelfeder Winery is in the middle of South Tyrol’s southernmost vineyards, where mostly white grape varieties flourish. The administrative office however is still located in the historical center of Neumarkt. The purchase of new vineyards and close collaboration with other winegrowers in the area offer Günther new possibilities of producing great wines through careful selection of the best production areas and focused cultivation of choice varietals; a job he performs with enthusiasm. His two children are continuing the family business, Ivan in the cellar and Ines as the sales and marketing manager.
On the vineyards, the Pergola trellis continues to be the classic vine training form in South Tyrol's vineyard landscape, especially in slope areas. With new plantings, however, the distance between plants today is such that optimal sunshine, ventilation, and handling are possible. With all varieties except for Vernatsch and Lagrein, more and more wire frame (Guyot) trellises are being used in the plains and in mildly sloping areas. More economical construction, lower handling expenditures, good yields, and, at times, higher quality with the correct distances between rows and measures of care are spurring more and more winegrowers to change their vineyards over to this new system. Castelfeder cultivates 125 acres of vineyards from Salorno to Bolzano.

Wines available:
Mont Mes Pinot Grigio
Mont Mes Bianco
Mont Mes Rosso
Pinot Grigio '15er'
Muller Thurgau 'Gassner'
Kerner 'Lahn'
Vernatsch 'Alte Reben'
Lagrein 'Rieder'
Pinot Nero 'Glener'
Pinot Nero 'Burgum Novum'