I Garagisti di Sorgono

Mandrolisai, Sardegna

Sardegna, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is geologically one of the oldest parts of Italy. It was once part of a mountain range that existed before the Alps and Apennines were formed and 150,000 years or so ago it was still connected to the Italian mainland. Now it sits 112 miles off the Italian coastline and despite it having Italy’s most extensive coastline (506 miles) the locals largely remain a people of shepherds, woodsmen, and farmers. This rugged and isolated landscape is a harsh one and perfect for the cultivation of its indigenous vines. Within the center of Sardegna at the end of an ancient railway, between the villages of Barbagia and Campidano, Sorgono sits the 40-100 year old vines of I Garagisti Di Sorgono. It is here where Pierto Uras, Simone Murru and Renzo Manca are making small batches of exceptional wine on vineyards planted upon white and pink granite soils. The land was tilled by hand 5 generations ago and the vines, which grow many of which are more than 100 years old, continue to thrive. It is the goal of these three “Garagistes” to continue to uphold local winemaking tradition and farm their own vineyards by hand with organic practices. The yields are extremely low but the juice is worth the squeeze so to speak and the local varieties of Cannonau, Monica, and Muristeddu thrive at several vineyard sites peppered throughout the hills. All of the grapes are grown over 9 ha (22acres) of land between 480-700 meters (1,575 – 2,297 feet) elevation in rugged terrain with soils comprised of white and pink granite. Farming is done in continuity with the environment and entirely by hand with the exception of a few oxen which help here and there. The grapes are harvested in October and pressed by hand with antique wooden presses. During vinification the wines are made with a low to no interventionist attitude the same way their grandparents and parents have always done. I Garagisti is truly an artisan project where only 24,000 bottles are produced in total.

Wines available:
Garage Rosé  (Monica, Cannonau and Muristeddu)
Garage Rosso (Monica, Cannonau and Muristeddu)
Murru (Monica)
PaRiSi (Bovale, also called Muristeddu)
Manca (Cannonau)
Uras (Cannonau, Monica and Muristeddu)