Noelia Ricci

Fiumana di Predappio, Emilia-Romagna

Noelia Ricci is a 22 acres wine project launched in 2013 in Predappio – Emilia Romagna, within Tenuta Pandolfa, an estate rich in history. The name Pandolfa is believed to be derived from Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, a bold military leader from the mid-15th century. A portrait of him by Piero della Francesca hangs in the Louvre.  Pandolfa villa was built between 1731 and 1763, it dominates the valley of the Rabbi with its monumental aspect.  The Commander Giuseppe Ricci, purchased the property in 1941. His daughter, Noelia Ricci, after whom the whole project was named, was the visionary woman who saw the land as suited for a winery. She started planting the first vineyards in the 1970’s.  Today it is Marco Cirese, Noelia Ricci’s grandson, who is managing the winery.
Noelia Ricci is a tribute to the classic style, with a contemporary approach. Respecting the land’s natural inclination and going back to the way farmers used to make Sangiovese wine of Romagna. By avoiding over-extraction, excessive alcohol content and highly concentrated colors, Noelia Ricci’s wines have a fine structure, strong personality and complexity, while maintaining an inviting approach and pursuing drinkability. The vineyards represent a tribute to the local winegrowing tradition, as they are exclusively planted with the autochthonous Sangiovese and Trebbiano varieties and, to a very small extent, with Pagadebit grapes.

Wines available:
Bro Bianco
Sangiovese Cru Godenza
Il Sangiovese