Jullié, Beaujolais

Le Domaine des Frontières was founded in 2013 by Jeremy Thien who left a career of 15 years as chief of staff for members of parliament and ministers. Making wine was an old dream of his, so he decided to come back to his native Beaujolais and learn how to grow the vines and to make the wine. His estate consists of 6.5 hectares (16 acres), where he produces wines of terroir from parcels of old vines.
The Juliénas AOP: Though they were not formally grouped under the AOP label until 1938, the vineyards of Juliénas were known even to the Romans, who were so enamored the wines grown there that they named the area’s eponymous hub and a smaller satellite, Jullié, after Julius Caesar himself. Today, the region covers 600 hectares (1,483 acres) of vineyards spread over four primary villages: the main town, Juliénas, situated on a moderate rise just to the west of the Saone River, and Jullié, Emeringes and Pruzilly, which lie a bit further up the slopes to the west of Juliénas itself. Some 120 growers produce within the boundaries of the cru. The most defining aspect of Juliénas from a terroir perspective is the shift from the igneous-dominant slopes to the west of the zone, peppered with blue granite and diorite, to the flatter areas around the town of Juliénas itself, where the soils transition through to schist and alluvium with pockets of sand and clay.

Wines available: