Souleil Vin de Bonté

South of France

“Soul” is at the heart of Souleil Vin de Bonté, a wine served with a side of purpose. The range of organic wines – Le Rouge (red), Le Rosé (rosé), and Le Blanc (white) – is crafted from grapes grown within sight of the Mediterranean Sea. Its roots lie in southern France like its founders, Thomas, a passionate kite surfer who has traversed the globe in search of good waves, and Marianne, a beach lover and an oyster aficionado. The duo grew up in this sun-swathed region, where wine is a fixture at the dinner table and intended to be shared. They wanted to create a wine that could be served as an apéritif—the French version of a sundowner—and at a dinner party; a wine that you can start and end an evening with, in French bon vivant style.
But it’s not enough to create a crowd-pleasing bottle. Combining their passion for the sea and their backgrounds in wine, Marianne and Thomas designed the Souleil Vin de Bonté wines, including both the community and nature as pillars of the project.
Sponsoring a charity was naturally part of the plan. A percentage of the profits will support organizations protecting one of our most valuable resources: the oceans. The Souleil Vin de Bonté team will collaborate on beach cleanups, bringing together communities of friends across continents, and helping to shine a light on its nonprofit partners’ work, including cleanups, plastic upcycling programs, and education.

Wines avaialable:
Le Blanc (Piquepoul, Terret Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Muscat)
Le Rosé (Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault)
Le Rouge (Syrah, Grenache, Mouvèdre)